A diversified approach to music

UVMUSIC provides services for musicians of all ages, amateur or professional and searches for creative ways to help them express their music according to their needs!

Have you always dreamed of playing the piano but you have never had the opportunity? Or you played in the past but now you want to get back to it? Or do you want your kids to play?


You can contact UVMUSIC to arrange a first lesson. The first lesson is free of charge so that your teacher can get to know you and understand which style of music you want to play. After that a program is prepared to make you improve in the most efficient way. 


Classical, jazz, pop, soundtracks? All is welcome!


We can also help you learn music theory so that you can understand music better and maybe someday compose your own music.

Do you want to share your performances with your family and friends? We can record and film your work and everyone can witness your talent growing!


Are you a professional musician and you need audiovisual recordings for competitions, for applications and for other reasons? 


You can contact UVMUSIC for a good quality audiovisual recording. We can help you find a space or if you have a space we can come and do the recording at your place on a suitable time for you. We are fully equipped and our team is there to provide you the best quality work in the promised deadline!

Solo, chamber music, ensemble?

All is possible!


Or you are maybe a singer/songwriter/producer but you need someone to arrange your songs and help you produce them in the way you want?

You can contact us so that we can help you create while respecting your ideas and your work! 


Are you a professional working in the cultural sector but your busy schedule is holding you from making enough publicity for yourself or your organisation? Do you want to focus more on your artistic work and let someone else deal with your online content?

UVMUSIC understands the complexity of the modern era and the need to be always connected for the artistic works to be accessible and available all the time in this competitive market.  


We can create and manage websites, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin accounts . We can also help you with your visual content, logos, flyers, business cards and so on!

So contact UVMUSIC if you think we can help you boost your career and take it on another level!




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